Listed below are testimonials kindly provided by just a small selection of the hundreds of satisfied Next Level Athletics clients.

Shane is amazing! It was astonishing that in just 8, one hour sessions my torso had slimmed down, my arms and abs toned up, and I noticed an increase in my endurance. The various exercises enhanced my balance and improved my breathing, and I began to notice that I felt better as a whole. Shane is especially motivating..., and takes great care in planning his sessions to suit each individual. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get into shape. Thank you so much Shane! I couldn't have done it without you.

Melissa B.

When I first started with Shane there were alot of things that I was not willing to try because I told me self "I couldn't do it" Thanks to Shane he motivated me and worked with and now I am getting somewhere I definately wouldn't have thought of when we started 7 months ago....even in my most difficult days (injuries..., even my atitude) he never gave up, he definately enjoys what he does and if he has helped me I am confident he can get anyone where they want to be...You do have to TRY... and if you are Telling yourself you can't do it... Well stop thinking about it and just do it... Thanks Shane!

Christine P.

His work outs are like no other!!!! If you are willing to work hard, check him out, you wont regret it. Thank you Shane!

Kristian N.

I own one of the most hardcore gyms in North America & I push my athletes beyond explanation. Naturally, when I heard about the PARALYZER 300, I needed to put it to the test. Well....Damn near killed myself. I instantly implemented into the training of my athletes & they all love it. Awesome job Shane. Everybody do yourselves a favour & get to the next level by completing the PARALYZER 300. It's absolutely INSHANE!!!

Rob C.

Workouts are great... high tempo, high fitness great quality...definetly the best pricing around...would recommend this for everyone...great workouts for athletes to get into proper shape, knows all the proper mechanics of physical training... Shane is great!


Shane you are simply amazing. I love working out with you. You push me to where I need to be, and that’s the best part of it all. When I think that I can’t do anymore there I am doing it. I have back problems and Shane has taken the time to devise a workout schedule that helps me from day to day. I wake up feeling ener...gized and motivated. I don’t wake up anymore feeling blah. I have never felt better. I would recommend Shane to anyone who wants to feel good and get back into shape. He makes it fun. And that’s what it is all about. I never liked to work out before, but now I crave it. I wake up wanting to work out and feel great. It just makes the days so much better. I get pumped when I think about how good I am going to feel from a great workout. THANK YOU SHANE. YOU’RE THE BEST.

Diana P.

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