Burn those calories off with this high intensity boxing class. The class involves boxing techniques and the use of heavy bags, speed bag, and hand pads.

Boot camps

The Boot Camp sessions are designed to be safe and effective and begin with a thorough warm-up and conclude with a cool-down and stretching. The main section is timed-interval based (short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by rest) which is not only proven to be the most effective way to promote fat loss but is fully inclusive to suit every level of fitness so don't think you have to be fit before you start - that's our job!

The exercises tend to be multiple-muscle group or whole-body exercises as these are proven to increase the body's overall metabolism (fat-burning potential) most effectively. They are also progressive to adapt to your rapidly increasing fitness levels. You will not be running endless laps of the park, I promise!

training packages

Personal Training

At Next Level Athletics you will discover that we have an incredible hunger for quality & results. We use proven methods to achieve our goals offering a variety...

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getting started

Getting Started

Getting started couldn’t be easier! A consultation arranged at a convenient time for you, lasting 45 minutes to an hour is all it takes to reach your specific goals.

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